As you know, there’s a lot more to effective payroll management than just cutting checks. You and your employees deserve a payroll system that is efficient, accurate, flexible, and timely—and that’s what Keystone HR provides through our high touch personal service and use of our cloud based state of the art payroll software.

Keystone HR will assign a professional payroll expert to your company, who will learn your companies payroll data inside and out. Your payroll specialist will become and extension of your staff and be someone you can count on to provide on time processing, customized payroll reports and assist your internal staff with adds and deletes of medical benefit deductions, 401k contributions or whatever your payroll calls for. We adjust for any applicable vacation, sick days, or other paid or unpaid time off. We prepare and file all employer-side tax materials. We  process and distribute paper checks, direct deposits, and/or direct deposit receipts, and provide an easy-to-understand and comprehensive pay period report that you can evaluate at a glance.

We maintain all payroll records, ensure that all pertinent tax documentation is appropriately processed, and provide W2s to each employee well in advance of tax deadlines. Best of all, Keystone HR’s payroll services operate as a completely reliable, seamlessly-operating system—no mistakes, no surprises, and no hassle, for you or for your employees.