Day-to-day management of HR Administration functions costs your business time, money, energy, and attention – without adding a dime to your bottom line. Keystone HR can lift this burden from your shoulders, while saving you money and improving HR Administration services at the same time by assigning one of our HR professionals to your company.

As HR Administration specialists, we have perfected the procedures and processes necessary to efficiently execute all of your day-to-day HR Administration functions:

Employee Relations — Clear, concise, accurate employee-directed communications addressing all aspects of the employee’s involvement with the company, including work performance, working environment, and inter-employee relationship issues.

Employee Records — Meticulous, systematized maintenance of all individual employment records, including documentation of reviews, raises, performance evaluations, disciplinary information, resumes and other hiring paperwork.

Unemployment Management — Comprehensive recordkeeping and documentation, as well as employee-facing communications (earned and transferable benefits, COBRA eligibility, et. al.) and state-facing communications (form submittal, claims management, insurance maintenance, et. al.).

Policies and Procedures — Rapid development and deployment of company-specific documents guaranteed to comply with all applicable legal requirements while providing your employees with a comprehensive, clear guide to your company’s policies and procedures.

Compliance Management — Timely and efficient management of all compliance-related applications, reporting, taxation and licensure issues associated with government regulations applicable to your firm.

Risk Mitigation and Management — Expert, proactive counsel designed to minimize exposure to civil litigation and protect your company’s brand in the marketplace.

Termination Assistance — Professional management of communications to, and contacts with, employees undergoing layoff, downsizing, or dismissal for cause, maintaining legal compliance and mitigating legal and other risks to you and your business.